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Henry D Jackson

Reflecting on the story of Zimbabwean farmer Henry Jackson, who responded to adversity with kindness and prayer, this ministry emphasizes the power of compassion and forgiveness in challenging situations. This ministry aims to provide hope in times of despair, urging the Afrikaner community to reconnect with their divine origins and purpose in Southern Africa. It is a prophetic source of encouragement for individuals who feel hurt, isolated, labelled as ‘nobodies,’ rejected, and dispersed across society.

Our Journey

Born in Fort Victoria, Southern Rhodesia, Henry’s upbringing was marked by his parents’ unconventional faith and missionary work, leading to their exclusion from the established church community. Following a spiritual calling at a young age, he embarked on a diverse path, including service in the engineering industry, military duty, and ministry within various church organizations, offering support to those in need and promoting spiritual growth in tumultuous times.

Experiencing firsthand the hardships of farming life, Henry’s resilience in the face of adversity, including attacks and sabotage, exemplifies a commitment to faith and service. Amid personal trials, such as his wife’s battle with cancer, the couple’s unwavering faith and miraculous recovery underscore the ministry’s message of hope and resilience.

Ministry in the farming community of Somabula in Zimbabwe during the farm invasions.

Several interdenominational conferences were arranged for pastoral couples during the traumatic times of economic collapse and farm invasions in Zimbabwe This was done to encourage these Christian leaders in their difficult task of shepherding our broken nation.

Giving All

Giving All

A pivotal moment in his spiritual journey happened when he embraced the concept of a ‘circumcised heart’, symbolising a transformation towards spiritual sensitivity and obedience to God’s will. This profound realisation led to a willingness to surrender material possessions and face persecution for the sake of faith, culminating in a journey of sacrifice and spiritual growth.

Faced with political turmoil and persecution, Henry relinquished his farm and possessions underscoring a profound commitment to spiritual principles and discipleship. Forced to leave Zimbabwe under duress, Henry and Mandy embarked on a new mission, sowing seeds of faith and healing among the Afrikaans community.

Ministry Tools

Ministry Tools

Recognising a need for deeper biblical knowledge and spiritual grounding within scattered farming congregations, this ministry aims to provide resources for personal growth and relationship restoration. Through partnerships with authors and disseminating Christian literature, the website offers an array of materials to support spiritual development and understanding of biblical truths.

Embracing a vision of spiritual revival and societal transformation, the ministry calls upon individuals moved by the Holy Spirit to join in the mission of spreading God’s word, liberating the spiritually captive, and fostering healing and reconciliation within communities.